Dr. Immune - Vitamin Tea - 30 Day Supply - 45 g (1.5 oz)

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Your Immune Support & Strongest Defense 

Immunity Booster Tea with Elderberry + Vitamin C + Zinc + Natural Ingredients 

  • Vitamin C + Elderberry + Zinc + Turmeric + Ginger + Peppermint + Beets + Lime + Orange + Pomegranate + Cinnamon Tea Blend. 
  • Your immune support and strongest defense combined with an exclusive 100% natural blend developed by Health Professionals.
  • Anti-flu, improves respiratory health and helps the body to protect itself from diseases.
  • The perfect combination to protect the body in a healthy flavorful way.
  • Experience high immunity to avoid having bad days and weakness.
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Contains 30 tea bags (1.5g per bag)

How to steep the perfect cup of Desinchá 

Step 1: Boil at least 6 fl oz of water.  

Step 2: Allow your Desinchá Dr. immune 5 minutes to steep

Step 3: Drink  

Iced tea? Just add ice once your tea has cooled.  

If left in the fridge, Desinchá can be consumed in up to 24 hours.